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ePOS Terminals Proprietary

IMPORTANT NOTICE! As of January 1st 2022, Vectron Systems AG are no longer supporting the Mainland UK Market.

If you are using a Vectron in the Mainland UK and are having difficulty getting support? Contact us, we are Vectron experts. For 12 years VPOS UK Limited (our parent company), were the “commercial” agents for Vectron Systems AG.

We are the ONLY company that cares about this brand here in the Mainland UK.

What is “proprietary” ePOS?

Vectron are a German based manufacture since 1990 with over 240,000 installations in Europe. Vectron remain one of the last manufactures to base their platform on “solid state” technology – Vectron is not a Cash Register or a PC! It is the best of both.

Without doubt, Vectron ePOS is the most robust of ePOS Terminals in the market ideally suited to the high demands within fast moving businesses in the Hospitality industry.

Vectron offers “cloud” connectivity for Multi Site Sales Management Operations, Loyalty, Table Reservation, Online Ordering and Pay at Table etc.

Vectron not only manufactures ePOS system hardware, it also develops the point of sale software itself. And that means the whole ePOS solution comes from a single supplier, ensuring the optimum interplay of hardware and software. No downtime if the Operating System is updated unlike the potential issues with Windows based PC ePOS Systems.