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Having your very own Chip n Pin terminal enables your business to break free from monthly fees or binding contracts while accepting card, contactless, mobile, and even online payments.

The world has changed and Card Payments now dominate the Retail & Hospitality sector as the preferred payment method.

The BIG BANKS & Tech Companies are disrupting the ePOS industry with their payment taking devices, ePOS is easy, right?

ePOS is so MUCH more than simply taking Debit & Credit Card payments and this is where we as a Reseller & Consultancy Service can guide you in the right direction.

Talk to us for a no-obligation discussion and let us independently provide you with the right solution for both ePOS & Card Payments.



dojo one

Robust, reliable, capable. The Dojo One sits on your countertop and takes everything in its stride. It makes payments at the till simpler than ever.

The big advantage of the dojo Payment Terminals is the integration they have with your ePOS! Most of the major ePOS Companies in the market have developed connections with dojo Payments.

Rates of a Contracted dojo solution are going to be more competitive than some of the solutions out there! If there is no monthly commitment (or) contract the rates are always higher! We will work with you to obtain the most competitive rates but in addition to competitive rates, an integrated system will greatly improve the customer experience and with reduced errors at the ePOS improve the bottom line.

What are the benefits of an integrated chip and pin system?

ePOS integration with Chip and Pin will help you to cut down queues. One of the major benefits is you are removing the potential for mistakes and potential fraud!

Improve efficiency

Integration of the Chip and pin with the ePOS removes the need for a fixed phone line connection for your card readers.

Improve customer experience

The COVID-19 Pandemic has really accelerated the way we take payments at the ePOS.

Now that the contactless card limit is £45, it is so much quicker to process the transaction especially when the connection is using the “broadband” connection rather than a dial-up, analog connection!

It is possible that you can make payments over £45 using your mobile phone, providing your bank and the merchant in question authorises them. It’s more secure than carrying cash and quicker than Chip and Pin!

Improve employees experience

The increase in simplicity and efficiency associated with integrated chip and pin will improve your employees’ workflow.

The system is more reliable and cuts out some of the stress-causing problems of older technologies, this frees up your employees to deliver a better customer service and it also helps to keep on top of sudden surges in footfall. All this feeds back into the smooth running of your business – with reduced waiting times, less room for error, and more space for upselling or extra marketing, you can expect your profitability to improve.

epos-tills4less systems provide for a reduced margin of error aiding simplified sales – the ePOS will generate customer receipts using the ePOS printer, or go “green” with emailed receipts.

epos-tills4less offer cutting edge systems with customer service that is responsive to your business needs. We work with you to make sure that you’ve got the right ePOS system and when circumstances or the marketplace change, we’ll be able to update your system to help your business stay ahead. Call us today on 0333 050 7327 to learn more about the benefits of integrated chip and pin for your business.

    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Built-in thermal printer
    • 4-inch HD touch screen
    • Integrated payments enabled
    • Point-to-point encryption

Till Rolls: 

Typically T5730

Errors & Omissions accepted


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