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Loyverse iOS ePOS


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Loyverse – Apple (iOS) ePOS – mPOS – Point of Sale System & Stock Control System

Turn your iPad into an ePOS – mPOS System with the addition of the Loyverse App and a Cash Drawer & Printer. That’s all the base requirements needed! 

Reach out if you need advice on anything, we have so many systems to choose from. If you are just starting out in your retail journey, or you are looking to replace that old cash register? Loyverse is is a great place to start.

We have OVER 35 Years of experience within this business and although we supply many products online, we are not a “faceless” company, we pride ourselves on offering unbiased pre-sales advice for those who are simply confused by all the “tech” out there.

Please note: iPad is NOT included! These are purchased locally or through epos-tills4less 

We also specialize in what’s called “Circular IT – Economics”

Circular IT – Economics is a resource-efficient alternative to the traditional linear wear and tear economy. It separates the addiction tradition that has traditionally existed between growth and utilization of Earth’s finite assets. The goal of Circular IT – Economics is to achieve increased growth and value with the help of fewer resources.

Call us on 0333 050 7327 and we will quote the best on the day price for Circular IT – Economics Apple iPads. Alternatively, you simply purchase a New iPad of your choice from Apple

Loyverse – Apple (iOS) ePOS – mPOS System is the FREE!  ePOS – mPOS (Point-of-Sale – Mobile Point of Sale) & inventory software for small business! Too good to be true? 

Click on the link below

There are upgrades that are chargeable for sure, however as the Loyverse Transparent Pricing shows in the link above, the core base offer is FREE!

Here at epos-tills4less we can supply you all the hardware you need, pre-configured before despatch, or simply go it alone. it is your choice. This really is the D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) ePOS & mPOS System!

Simply select the Hardware options required and add them to the Shopping Cart, it’s so simple. All you need to do then is create an account with Loyverse and you are good to go…

Loyverse POS use for

    • Retail store
    • Cafe
    • Bar
    • Kiosk
    • Food Truck
    • Carwash
    • Bakery
    • Restaurant
    • Fast Food
    • Coffee shop

Use Loyverse POS point of sale system instead of a cash register, and track sales and inventory in real time, manage employees and stores, engage customers and increase your revenue.

Mobile POS System

    • Sell from a smartphone or tablet
    • Issue printed or electronic receipts
    • Accept multiple payment methods
    • Apply discounts and issue refunds
    • Track cash movements
    • Scan barcodes with the built-in camera
    • Keep recording sales even while offline
    • Connect a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer
    • Connect Loyverse Customer Display app to show order information to your customers

Manage multiple stores and POS devices from a single account

Inventory Management

    • Track inventory in real time
    • Set stock levels and receive automatic low stock alerts
    • Bulk import and export inventory from/to a CSV file
    • Manage items that have different sizes, colors, and other options

Sales Analytics

    • View revenue, average sale, and profit
    • Track sales trends and react promptly to changes
    • Determine best-selling items and categories
    • Track financial shifts and identify discrepancies
    • View complete sales history
    • Browse reports on payment types, modifiers, discounts and taxes
    • Export sales data to the spreadsheets

CRM and Customer Loyalty Program

    • Build a customer base
    • Run loyalty program to reward customers for their recurring purchases

Restaurant and Bar Features

    • Connect kitchen printers or Loyverse Kitchen Display app
    • Use dining options to mark orders as dine in, takeout or for delivery
    • Use predefined open tickets in a table service environment

Credit Card Payments

Use your preferred merchant service provider for non-integrated payments. Select one of our integrated payment providers available in 30+ countries. Integrated payments save time, ensure better accuracy and minimize errors.

Loyverse POS integrates with the best payment providers

    • SumUp
    • iZettle (for iOS only)
    • Tyro (for iOS only)
    • Coiney (for iOS only)

This cloud-based POS system has received multiple awards from the leading software review services.

Loyverse Back Office

The Back Office is an online-based tool that works in connection with the Loyverse Point of Sale System.

    • Analyze your sales by different parameters and filters and find out the trends and problem areas that help you constantly improve the performance of your business.
    • Manage your items, categories, and discounts.
    • Manage your customers, find the customers with the most visits or most purchased.
    • Manage your stores and POS to manage your growing business successfully.
    • Manage your cashiers and managers: create different groups of employees and set up access to specific functionality.

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